Soda Guns

Soda GunSoda guns (also called "bar guns") are the smallest dispensers available. They have a wide variety of flavor dispensing options while using a minimal amount of counter space and are popular in home applications and bar settings.

We use Wunder-Bar soda guns in our home soda fountain systems so you can be sure you're getting the best quality bar gun available. We have labeled all of the hoses and professionally clamped all of the fittings in place for you, making it easy to install in your home or office.

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  2. Soda Gun Countertop Finishing Ring (NEW)
  3. Soda Gun Holster / Sanitary Style (NEW)
  4. Soda Gun Input Fitting Kwik Klips
  5. Soda Gun Lock (Stainless) (NEW)
  6. Soda Gun Tower (NEW)
  7. Wunder-Bar Soda Gun Brix Kit (NEW)