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Wunder-Bar Gun Nozzle (NEW)

Black Twist Wunder-Bar Gun Nozzle
Blue Push Wunder-Bar Gun Nozzle Blue Twist Wunder-Bar Gun Nozzle Black Push Wunder-Bar Gun Nozzle Red Push Wunder-Bar Gun Nozzle Red Twist Wunder-Bar Gun Nozzle
Price: $4.85
Item ID: 1087

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These are replacement nozzles for Wunder-Bar soda guns. They come in two types: twist and push, as well as a few colors. Be sure to select the correct type to ensure the nozzle fits on your gun. If you aren't sure which type of nozzle you need, contact us and we'll help ensure you purchase the correct nozzle.

Colors as pictured may vary slightly to the actual product.

The red and blue replacement nozzles are currently out-of-stock.